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Grade School

Grade School

“The main thrust of the Bureau of Elementary Education is to provide access progress and quality in elementary education.

It formulates and implements key programs and projects to enable every citizen to acquire basic preparations that will make him an enlightened disciplined, nationalistic, self-reliant, God-loving, creative, versatile and productive member of the national community”, the Elementary Education Department of OLPHS aims to bring about God-loving, enlightened, nationalistic, resourceful and self-productive graduates as preparation for secondary education.

Thus, our Elementary Department instill learning expectancies prescribed for graders, through balanced curricular and co-curricular offerings that are relevant, effective and responsive to the needs of learners, local and global society.

Deep moral and value system are expressed in terms of desirable behavior and attitudes and individual should internalize and involve in the improvement and enjoyment of the quality of life through integration of DepED program, thrusts and projects, most especially the ECARP – Every Child A Reader Program. It aims to make every Filipino child a reader by Grade 3 and have mastery of the literacy skills at his or her level. It provides for interactive learning and the development of higher-order thinking skills. It enhances learners skills and hone their competencies until they achieve the desirable levels of mastery.

As a result, OLPHicians who graduate in the Grade School Department perform well in other big schools both private and public. Even our alumni show their continuous patronage and trust by enrolling their children in OLPHS. Yearly our enrollment increases for our accommodation and quality education.