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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education Department of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School is the department that caters boys and girls from three (3) to five (5) years of age. Here, an opportunity for the holistic growth and development of every individual child that are necessary for his lifelong learning is being provided.

Developmentally appropriate approaches for a creative, thematic, and integrated curriculum are employed, to achieve the intellectual, emotional, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual development of a human being. Wherein, as Palmer defines, spirituality as “not something that needs to be brought into or added onto the curriculum, but it is at the heart of every subject we teach. Thus, for this school year, in conformity with the K to 12 Basic Education Program and as a response to the international perspective of an Early Childhood Education, the ECED will regularly deal with spiritual dimension of a Holistic Education

Through an integrative approach that employs an integrative and interactive teaching-learning strategies, as well as child-centered learning experiences, the child acquires knowledge and develops socio-emotional values while enjoying or playing games, exploring his physical abilities, and learning to get along with others

The teacher, then, acts as a guide or facilitator who mentors, motivate and set as a model to the young children. Thus, inculcate in each child value of love for learning, and learning to love.

Here, life in the ECED is a journey of exploration and discovery thru carefully planned weekly set of activities that are structured to enhance development.

Thank you for choosing this school to be the school of your child. With the school’s setting and environment, may your child discover the world in a wonderful way – a safe, secure, and happy world that will set them off to a good start in life. Hence, may they be able to love to learn and learn to love.

We also recognize the importance of maintaining a welcoming, stimulating, safe and secured environment.

We also consider that parents are partners in the development of the child. So, we formulate set of guidelines that will foster a cooperative relationship between you, the parents, and the school in laying the groundwork upon which your child’s entire experience and growth depends.