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Mission & Vision


Produce well-rounded individuals with knowledge, habits, skills, and values necessary for active and successful participation in a humane and fast-changing society.


Inspired by the patroness of the school, the Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and the Philosophy of Quality Education for All, OLPH School shall continuously exercise dynamic, proactive, and innovative leadership to develop learners to their maximum potential to be God-loving, morally upright, globally competitive, and responsive to the demands of a technologically advancing society.


  1. Achieve academic excellence in basic education to develop individuals who are productive, competitive, and responsive to the demands of the time.
  2. Equip all learners with desirable values to enable them to live harmoniously and peacefully in a fast changing society.
  3. Discover the God-given talents, abilities, and possibilities of each learner and to develop them to its maximum.
  4. Provide meaningful activities that will meet their needs as young individuals.
  5. Integrate the various DepEd and government thrusts to various activities.