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CURRICULAR – OLPHS continuously adopts the latest trends in teaching techniques, strategies and methodologies that would keep its quality at par with the best schools and in response to the challenges and needs of the time and the student. The Administration and Faculty undergo extensive trainings, attend seminars and learning areas, thus enabling them to more effectively and affectively impart knowledge, skills and values to the learners.

school constantly revises its curriculum, learning resource and instructional materials to suit the needs of the pupils/students, to make such more interesting and challenging to them, thus more evaluate the learning outcome.

CO-CURRICULAR – Cognizant of the needs of its pupils/students for balanced learning, OLPHS provides activities that aim to develop the various faculties of the learners entrusted them:

  1. Tae Kwon Do and Kyokushin Karate Lessons
  2. Sports Festival
  3. Music and Art Festivals
  4. Timpalak Bigkasan and Speech Festival
  5. Convocations
  6. Quiz Bee and Spelling Bee
  7. Battle of the Minds
  8. Essay Writing Contest
  9. Film Viewing
  10. Educational Tours
  11. Culminating Activity/ Swimming for Pre-Schoolers
  12. Various Clubs and Organizations
  13. Varsity Volleyball/Basketball
  14. Supreme Student Council
  15. The Perpetual Seekers (The school’s official newspaper)
  16. The Perpetual Lights (Yearbook)

LITURGICAL, PARA-LITURGICAL AND EXTENSION SERVICES well-being of OLPHicians, the school offers the following activities:

  1. Holy Mass
  2. First Holy Communion ( Grade 3 )
  3. Sacrament of Penance
  4. Novenas and Bible Studies
  5. Retreat and Recollections
  6. Devotions of Holy Rosary
  7. Adoption of Orphanage and Communities

HEALTH SERVICES To ensure the wellness of every OLPHScians, the School provides the following:

  1. Medical and Dental Check-up
  2. Resident School Physician and Dentist
  3. First- Aid Services